I am grateful.

I will dance with gratitude at the leaps and bounds I’ve already made in this life.

Let me go higher.

Relieve all judgment and fill me with loving gratitude and patience.

Help me to understand others perspectives before my own.

Help me to love and care for myself as you love and care for me and others.

Teach me focus, follow through, and perseverance.

Let who I am and what I do be enough.

Help me to treat my body as a gift – to feed it healthy foods, to rejoice in exercising it, to be grateful for its wondrous ability to heal itself.

Every day that I have two working legs and two working arms, let me use them in joyful gratitude and remembrance of those who do not.

Help me to see you in all things.

Help me be grateful for things that others call unfortunate or tragic.

Help me see the world as the perfect storm, and I, a tiny, willing snowflake.

Help me to write simply, clearly, and with the kind of magic that appears just when you need it most.

Let me be an example to others without judging or should-ing them.

Let me spend my life with those few souls who’ve been by my side since the dawn of time.

Let me rejoice in you always, eternally, no matter what.

Let me carry a lighted torch within me, and let it burn forever in your name.

Let me allow love to radiate from me in every direction, and let it extend to all things without condition, just as the light falls evenly over the rich, the poor, the seemingly soulless.

Make me perfect that I might come home once and for all.

Let my life be a tribute to you, to that which is endless, eternal, undeniable LOVE.


~ Rebekah Voss, 2013